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20 Logan Rd Woolloongabba Brisbane QLD 4102  PH:1800 88 2468

Phone from overseas +61 7 3891 5486    Fax from overseas +61 7 3891 5431

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Ilja Grawert Violin makers Shop front in Brisbane QLDWelcome to the Ilja Grawert Brisbane Double Bass to Violin shop in Australia. In my shop you will find the most beautiful sounding Double Basses, Celli,Violas and Violins available. Please come and try for yourself.

World class restoration and repairs  

By appointment or by chance only

I decided to concentrate on my profession as a Violin Maker and spend more time in the workshop doing what I do best: manufacturing, restoring,repairing and improving the sound and playability of bowed stringed instruments--- simply being a professional craftsman. My Shop will be, by appointment only for Sales, Quotes and Repairs from the 1st of June 2011. Please call 1800 88 2468 or contact me via my form. I will be very often in the workshop so you could take your chance and just ring the bell and see if I am here.


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Ilja's Story

Brisbane Master Violin Maker at his work bench in the violin shopHaving been born into the tradition of violin making, Ilja decided at 15 to become a violin maker. At 18 he began his apprenticeship (1982-1986) at Geigenbau Machold in Bremen, Germany, where he had the opportunity to study under some of Europe's best violin makers.
After receiving his qualifications, he established his own workshop in Germany, concentrating on the making of new instruments & restoration. He remained an independent artisan after migrating to Brisbane in 1994.

Ilja now has a shop in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. He caters to beginners and advanced students, as well as professionals, with backgrounds in not only classical education but also folk, jazz, and other types of music. His main workshop is located above his shop, but during opening hours, he prefers to do the finer work at a workbench in his shop window. He welcomes the chance to chat with anyone interested in the art of violin making, and is happy for people to watch while he works.
     “Apart from selling the full range of bowed stringed instruments, strings, accessories and print music, we do repairs,restorations, making of new instruments and setups in my workshop.

     “Looking back on 25 years of experience in serving beginners and professionals, I cannot stress enough that it is essential to play a well setup instrument. Even though it is very beautiful to play a valuable instrument, the quality of the instrument is often not as crucial as the quality of the setup.
A well setup cheaper instrument will serve you better than an expensive one with a bad setup. I have seen many kids give up because they or their parents thought that they were not gifted at the violin. Very often these kids didn't stand a chance because their instruments were unplayable. A so called “professional” setup is not always good enough (Any person earning money assembling instruments can call it a professional setup whether or not they know what they are doing).

     “Every violin needs work on the peg, nut, fingerboard, bridge, soundpost, tailpiece and very often the strings need to be upgraded for good sound. In my shop every instrument gets anywhere between of an hour and 8 hours of setup work done before it is offered for sale.

     “When your child begins playing the violin, viola, cello or double bass, it is important to start building up a relationship of trust between you, your child and a violin maker, just as you do with your family doctor. From day one, the setup, as well as the individual fitting to the right sized instrument, the choice of chin rest, and good shoulder rest adjustments can make all the difference as to whether your child continues playing or gives up out of frustration. Inadequate attention to any of these areas can result in shoulder and back pain, as well as negative feelings toward the violin.

     “When you come to visit my shop please bring some extra time with you. We always try to take our time to educate you, and we like you to take your time to make the right decision. Please always bring your child/children with you to select an instrument, for individual fitting, as well as for a little 10 minute lecture in “ How to look after your instrument”.

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In the meantime please contact Ilja by phone: 
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1800 88 2468
You find our shop in
20 Logan Rd Woolloongabba/Brisbane QLD 4102

By Appointment only

We are looking forward to see you soon.
Ilja Grawert

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